How to Blame

This site is an attempt to make your life easier and in the process make a lot of other people’s lives a little brighter. It is similar to what hispanics mean when they say, “Blame Sancho.” The only request I have here is that you keep it family friendly. You can use punctuation #@!$$ to make your point but, avoid the big seven words, please.

This is a monitored site so, if the language is a little too salty, it will be edited or the comment is racist or hate driven it will not be published and if is bad enough over time your account will be suspended.

To save some time I’ve given you some categories below to cut to the chase on your blaming issue. Have fun!

We’ve created Categories for the blame:
For those that can’t find it in one of the other categories.

Workplace blame is probably only second to relationship blame.

If you own a home or it owns you. There’s no shortage of blame here.

Car Problems? No Problem. While your waiting on the tow truck spend a bit of the time getting the frustration out here.

Blame is never more important than in a relationship. Don’t take it out on your partner or friend, just login here and unload on Ray.

PLEASE NOTE: All Usernames & Passwords are CASE sensitive…