General Blame

For those that can’t find it in one of the other categories. We’ll add new categories as demand requires. “Technology Blame” is one that comes to mind. Thoughts?

Home Ownership Blame

If you own a home or it owns you. There’s no shortage of blame here.

Okay your toilet backed up and you have water on the floor, you haven’t mowed the lawn for a few weeks and the neighbors are complaining. Tell your mortgage company, “It’s Ray’s fault.” I’m sure they will understand. Get all that frustration off your chest here.

Workplace Blame

Workplace blame is probably only second to relationship blame.

Turn you colleges on to the fact that there is a convenient place to assess the blame. They in turn can tell their superior that Ray did it.

Automotive Blame

Car Problems? No Problem. While your waiting on the tow truck spend a bit of the time getting the frustration out here.

A traffic jam, dead battery or a flat tire make you late for work? Is your wife upset that her air conditioner doesn’t work? Turn your boss’s or wife’s attention to the fact that it’s Ray’s fault.

Relationship Blame

Blame is never more important than in a relationship. Don’t take it out on your partner or friend, just login here and unload on Ray.

Late for a date, forgot to take-out the trash or you didn’t wash the dishes. No problem Ray is here to blame. Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and birthdays are all perfect occasions to simply blame Ray. There should be no shortage material here.